A guide to LED Cabochon Ride Bulbs: 12v/24v

 2024-06-24 11:00:35

What do we know about 12V and 24V cabochon ride bulb? The use of 12V and 24V bulbs in cabochon or special riding facilities is mainly due to safety and adaptability considerations. These low voltage bulbs are suitable for different power system configurations, here are some key points about these two voltage bulbs:


12V cabochon ride bulb

•Applicability: 12V bulbs are usually used in small amusement facilities, children's cabochon equipment or amusement carousel decorations, and are common in lighting scenes such as bumper car special lamps, pirate ship lamps, and large pendulum lamps.

•Safety: The lower voltage level reduces the risk of electric shock, especially in humid or outdoor environments, making it safer and more reliable.

•Compatibility: Easy to integrate with existing 12V power systems, suitable for most portable or temporary installation lighting needs.

24V cabochon ride bulb

•Power and brightness: Compared with 12V bulbs, 24V bulbs can carry higher power, which means that they can provide brighter lighting effects under the same current, and are suitable for areas of amusement facilities that require more powerful lighting.

•Current requirements: Using a 24V system can reduce the current flowing through the wires, which is especially beneficial for long-distance wiring or situations where there are restrictions on wire size, which can reduce line losses and heating problems.

•System stability: The 24V system can provide better stability to a certain extent, especially in applications with large load changes, such as dynamic lighting effects on large amusement facilities. Precautions for purchase and use:

•Voltage matching: Make sure the selected bulb matches the power supply voltage of the amusement ride. Wrong voltage may cause the bulb to not light up or be damaged prematurely.

•Environmental adaptability: In view of the diversity of cabochon environments, it is particularly important to choose light bulbs with waterproof and shockproof functions, especially when used outdoors.

•Energy consumption and efficiency: Consider the energy consumption and luminous efficiency of light bulbs (such as choosing LED light bulbs), which is not only related to operating costs, but also reflects environmental friendliness.

•Installation and Replacement: Choose bulbs that are easy to install and replace, and consider ease of maintenance, especially if regular replacement or adjustment is required.

Are there any similarities between 12V and 24V cabochon ride bulb?

We can see different numbers in the names, but 12V and 24V still have a lot in common. They look the same, have the same light output, and cost the same. They are available in the market. Furthermore, we can choose the best combination of the two to provide the required power.

brightness and longevity

In terms of brightness, there is virtually no difference between the two LED strips. Voltage does not determine light output (unlike other factors - the quality of the LED, etc.). LED bulbs produce the same brightness. The same goes for longevity - no difference at all between 12V and 24V. They are long-lasting and durable. Of all the advantages of LED technology, its long life is the most impressive.

Safe, reliable and flexible

If you're looking for something truly reliable, you can opt for 12V or 24V LED strips - they're both constructed in a way to draw the perfect voltage. They will provide you with optimal brightness and more importantly, you will be happy to use them for a long time! Additionally, since the strips are very flexible, shapes and colors can be used as desired. They adapt to every venue – literally! Best of all, they are all very safe!

When purchasing, you can obtain bulbs that meet specific voltage requirements and application scenarios from professional lighting suppliers or amusement led light suppliers, and install them according to the actual needs and safety regulations of the cabochon.

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